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Military Order of Devil Dogs

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DUES are to be paid by

September 30th

Checks made payable to



Mail To:

PDD Charlie Miller
18 Forest Glen Road
Valley Cottage, New York
PH: 845-268-2267




















M.O.D.D. Rockland Pound #149


PoundKeeper - PDD Al Sanza

Jr. Past PoundKeeper - PDD Charlie Miller

Sr. Vice - DD Daniel McKenna

Jr. Vice - DD Constatine (Gus) Drivas

Dog Robber - DD Charlie Miller

Watch Dog - PDD James V. Mazzone Sr.

Barking Dog - PUP Harvey Lenchner

Dog Trainer - DD Kenneth Conklin

Mad Dog - PUP James O'Neil

Smart Dog - PUP John Leighton

Police Dog - PDD Ned Baycornish

Liaison Officer - PDD Charlie Miller

Purpose: Promotes good fellowship amongst the members of different Marine Corps League Detachments.  The Order provides amusement and entertainment at all gathering's of the League, when and where advisable, preserves and strengthens the principles and ideals of the league, and maintains true allegiance to the United States of America and  its Constitution and laws.

Who Belongs: The Military Order of Devil Dogs is made up only of Members of the Marine Corps League.  The Order only accepts the most worthy of League members.

How to Join:  You must be a paid-up member in good standing in the Marine Corps league.  The applicant must be active in his/her Detachment in the league and must request membership in the Order.  He/she must be recommended by the Detachment Commandant and be sponsored by two Devil Dogs or Pedigreed Devil Dogs.  The applicant is then interviewed by the members of the Pound at a Pound Growl (a meeting is called a Growl).  If accepted, the applicant must undergo an initiation and sweating-in ceremony.



 Woof! Woof!   Growl Scratching    Woof! Woof!

Military Order of Devil Dogs

Rockland Pound #149---Pack of New York

Spring Growl

March 20, 2014


Opening Ceremony

Presented Colors—Pledge—Opening Prayer

Roll Call of Officers - Absent- Leighton, O’Neill, Mazzone

There were nine Dogs present for Growl

Recognition of Dignitaries - None

Previous Scratching Reading - Motion to accept-seconded and accepted

Memorial Services (Sick/Died) - none

Sickness/Distress - Dog Trainer to send out Get well card to M. Ericson

Dog Robbers Report - Motion to accept-seconded-and accepted

Old Business -Discussion on MODD Dues—Fiscal year for Dogs, not same as
 Marine Corps League—due by Sept. 30th of fiscal year 

Special Business - None

New Business - Discussion of full page ad in Rockland Detachment MCL

       That Page will be free for Pound in Future

 Announcements - Next Growl (Summer ) will be at K&E American Legion Post
 Date June 19th 2014 @ 1930 Hrs.

 Closing Ceremony - Salute to flag-closing prayer

Respectfully Submitted

PDD Charlie Miller 65-075
 Dog Robber

Rockland Pound #149
Pack of New York





All Growls  are held at the

The Kearsing & Edwards American Legion Post

20 Station Road

Pomona, New York 10970

at 7:30pm


Dues are:

$25.00 for Non-Life Members

$7.00 for Life Members

If M.O.D.D. Rockland Pound #149 does not receive your dues, you will be in Arrears, and will have to pay a re-instatement fee.  Also your time in grade for any advancement goes back to zero.





Click on the Bull Dog to Email the Poundkeeper

Current Events/News:


2014 Growl Dates

March 20th - Spring Growl at
 K&E Post - 1930 hrs

June 19th - Summer Growl at
K&E Post - 1930 hrs

Picnic - (Date - TBD) at
Montrose Vet's Hospital

September 18th - Fall Growl
at K&E Post - 1930 hrs

Christmas Party (Date - TBD) at Montrose Vet's Hospital


All Growl's Start at 1930 Hrs. (7:30pm) except Picnic and Christmas Party




Military Order of Devil Dogs ~ Pound #149

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